About us

Maria Povilaite -  film producer, screenwriter, and creative business enthusiast. "I'm passionate about a well-structured approach to creative project management that allows artists to perform at the best of their ability. My special skill lies in combining the freedom necessary for creative expression and the ability to satisfy customer expectations."

Gerri Pavloff - composer, music producer, and film director. "Art is, first of all, communication with the audience. The viewer and listener must be loved, and respected and is worthy of high-quality content in every sense. I am happy when this point of view of mine coincides with the point of view of a client."

Andrew 'Les' Leskovsky - art director, graphic designer, motion graphic and 3D mapping specialist, and sound engineer. "My many years of experience and interests cover a wide variety of multimedia content development environments, including interactive installations, motion, and audio design."

We have been creating together since 2011. We are united by our attitude to aesthetics, quality work performance, and people.