"COMMA", 27 min, with S.Janušauskaite, J.Žagars 

Madrid IFF 2013 - nominations for best director, best actress, best producer, International Film Awards Berlin 2013 - Honourable mention

"Where the stars don't go out"

The short film, 2021, 12 min. With Rihards Lepers, Andis Strods, Inita Sondore, Nikita Osipovs

Watch it HERE


Antturi - Nepamiršau (LT)

More videos

Oriola701 - Chewing Gum

Villa Camellia 66 - Waiting


"Made in Azerbaijan.Juice."

TV commercials

An emotional video that does not leave you indifferent. This is what we love and know how to do.

Some more examples of video commercials that we have produced:

Made In Azerbaijan.Fruits.

Ferratum Bank 


"Place Eleven"

Corporate videos

With the right video, you can broadcast even the most complex concepts to your audience, explaining not only your technology but also the values that differentiate you from your competitors.

Other examples of corporate video:

Club Central Residence II

Skandinavisk Tommerhus

Skandinavisk Tommerhus техническое видео

BMW X5 video installation

BREL Forum opening video